How to implement Lean & Agile with SAFe

We gladly invite you to an expert discussion panel  “How to implement Lean and Agile with SAFe”.

We will give you practical examples on what are the reasons to consider SAFe implementation, or answer the question how to move from understanding that the change is needed to actually pressing the ‘GO SAFe’ button.

The 60-minute panel will be  divided into 3 parts:

  1. Why to start with SAFe / Scaled Agile?
  2. Good practices on aligning teams at scale with SAFe.
  3. How to accelerate scaling agile with SAFe?

After each panel there will be time for Q&A and short discussion. You will have a chance to consult an expert on issues that bothers you in your company.

Why is it worth taking part in the webinar? Panelists are not only certified SAFe experts, but most of all practitioners who want to share their experience, and the webinar is completely free.

The number of places is limited! Do not hesitate to sign up!


28 OCTOBER, 2021

17:30 CEST




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Artur Bialous

Artur is an experienced agile coach and consultant – enabler of an enterprise transformation. He understands how corporations operate as a system and can be developed as a whole. Artur helps his customers to recognize why and how Lean and Agile principles and methods can be scaled from team level to the whole organization, including programs, product management, portfolio management, and strategy. Over the last 19 years Artur has led and supported dozens of teams in telecom, IT, banking, insurance and FMCG industries mostly in IT-related projects but not only.

SAFe Program Consultant from 2015.

Rune Christensen
Scaled Agile

Rune Christensen is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) serving the EMEA region as advisor on behalf of Scaled Agile, Inc. 

He has 20 years of experience within the software industry working within telecommunication as well as the financial and energy sector. He helps guide organizations in fostering better ways of working using lean-agile practices to achieve increased predictability and faster time to market.

Rune is also a passionate amateur landscape photographer, a hobby he combines with his enthusiasm for hiking and whitewater rafting primarily in the mountains of northern Scandinavia.

Gez Smith

Gez has been working full time in lean and agile since 2004, for the likes of 10 Downing Street, HMRC, the BBC Trust, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC. An iSPCT since 2019 and a Gold SPCT since 2021, he has trained thousands of people and launched numerous trains across the USA, Europe, The Middle and Far East.

Outside of the day job, he’s published books on digital engagement, agile marketing and lean-agile HR, and speaks regularly at conferences and meetups around the world. Online, he runs projects aimed at increasing people’s agile knowledge on a pro-bono basis.

Konrad Swistelnicki

Konrad is an Agile Coach and Trainer with hands-on experience in delivery, focusing on guiding large organisations towards improving their agility. Years of contribution in international agile transformations on the fields of telecom, banking and automotive together with dozens of delivered SAFe®️ trainings make him ready to face every challenge.

CEO and co-founder of Enablers – Scaled Agile Partner in Poland.

Areas of expertise: agile on the team, project/program and organization level, product management, agile transformation, increasing team’s productivity, agile tools in practice Agile practitioner and one of the first SAFe consultants in Poland (2014), he delivers trainings in Europe, mainly in Poland and Germany. He has trained over 1200 people.



Lech Babula

Courageous Chief Execution Leader who inherently invests in getting the best out of people and wins the trust of teams through authenticity and passion. Focused on making great things happen together.

Wide experience as SAFe Program Consultant over the last 9 years, including driving and supporting agile transformations and delivering more than 40 SAFe training.

Over 20+ years of IT experience including 18+ years of Program and Project management (both waterfall and Agile/SAFe) and managing IT Teams.

Scaled Agile Partner

Since 2013, we have been providing accredited and certified Scaled Agile Framework SAFe training, conducted by practitioners implementing scaled approaches in organizations around the world on a daily basis.