About us

Leaders and accredited partners of SAFe®.
We specialize in scaling agile.

Different approach

Enablers is no ordinary company

Our goal is not to sell as many consultant hours as possible or provide as much training as possible.
Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve maximum value with the least possible effort, through the support of highly specialized consultants.


Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner

Partnership with Scaled Agile Inc. ensures that our training and consulting services meet highest quality standards in the area of scaling agile and SAFe®. Close collaboration and exchange of experiences between the companies enables us to offer the most up to date information on the field of agile methods.


Our results

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critical aspects

There are two critical aspects of our work

We want our customers to start benefiting from agile methods as soon as possible, so that they can deliver faster and provide value to their customers.

We focus on making our customers self-sufficient as soon as possible so that they can continue to grow their organization without the support of our consultants.


Scaled Agile

Organisations with several hundred to several thousand employees start to notice that Traditional methods do not allow them to keep the pace of dynamic changes in the market and meet customers’ needs on time. There is also a growing pressure to innovate in the area of delivery of complex solutions.

Teams working according to agile methods have been proven to cope more effectively with complexity. However, this does not mean that organizations are able to successfully implement agile across the teams. Changing structures, ineffective hierarchies, and fixed mindsets is much more complicated than training a team and applying agile methods to teams or using off-the-shelf approaches like the Scaled Agile Framework. Methods and tools are clearly essential to success. We are leaders and accredited partners in scaled agile tools and methods. Since 2013, we have been passionately and continuously improving our knowledge and experience in the international environment, also influencing the development of the Scaled Agile Framework®. 

We recognize that the key elements of the successful agile transformation in the corporate environment are the organizational culture and the people who have a direct impact on it – the leaders who lead the organization and the professionals who work in teams that directly deliver value to customers. In order to succeed, the organizational culture should be open to change and continuous improvement. The organization must be ready to improve in the areas where the change can be challenging or sometimes painful.

Companies often say that they are agile, even though the current organizational culture is not consistent with agile principles and values.  

Our specialty is to define the optimal path to scaled agility, supporting your team in using innovative methods and tools while adapting the dimensions of your organizational culture. The goal for your organization is to become agile by achieving the expected results of the change. We create an analysis of risks and possible approaches to the agile transformation by analyzing the context of your organization with using our tools and experience. As the result we create and implement a customized transformation strategy and roadmap.

our team


CEO and co-founder of Enablers
Areas of expertise: agile on the team, project/program and organization level, product management, agile transformation, increasing of team's productivity and agile tools in practice. Agile practitioner and one of the first SAFe consultants in Poland (2014), he delivers trainings in Europe, mainly in Poland and Germany. He has trained over 1200 people. On a daily basis, he works with agile methods in large organizations, where he uses elements of Scrum, Kanban Method, SAFe and Management 3.0. Experience in sectors: automotive, banking, telecom, publishing, IT services.

Łukasz Czopek

Partner and co-founder of Enablers
Areas of expertise: business development management, project management, agile delivery, project, program and organization agility He was the second person in Poland who gained accreditation as an SPC (Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant) in 2013. An accredited trainer of Agile Project Management and PRINCE2, he has conducted number of trainings, workshops and business simulations in the area of Scrum and other agile approaches. He has trained over 1700 people. As Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager and Scrum Master, he implemented agile approaches in start-ups and large organizations. Experience in telecom, banking, insurance and public sectors.

Michael Kacprzak

Partner and co-founder of Enablers
Areas of specialization: strategic change management, leadership and change of organizational culture, scaled agile transformations, product management, agile delivery methods. In 2013 he accomplished the first training in Europe, delivered by the SAFe creator - Dean Leffingwell. It resulted in accreditation as the 1st SPC (Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant) in Poland and one of the first in Europe. So far he has trained over 1200 people. As a consultant, he has provided advisory on agile transformations and trained managers and teams in companies on several continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, North America). Experience in sectors: banking, insurance, telecom, public sector, logistics, hosting.